many of you have heard of the sims… its a simulation game…get it…i might quit this… bye


‘I buy designer clothes because…..’

Please comment your answer

a everyone else has them
b because they look nice
c because the quality is good
d because i buy fakes

here are some simple yet pratical ways to make money.

car boot sales

more to come

I recommend Generation915 New Look skinny jeans because they are skinny yet not too tight on your legs. The shop have many different colours and styles from grass green full lengths to super soft vintage to bright orange 3 quarter zip ups!!!

well basicly I have hair like frankie sandfords and its limp and lifeless. i litteraly just used some CURLERS on my hair to make it textured and it looks great! try it!!!

Your parents claim that they cant trust you… you feel mortily offended by this so you decide to put a stop to it!

Be mature
Do chores
Suck up to ur parents
Be good
Dont answer back
Trust THEM

I decided to make a post about makeup at school. Many girls put loooaaaaddss of makeup on for school!!! This is how to look flawless for school without buying new mascara and concesler everyday!

1. Apply foundation so u get a smooth based look.
2. Apply mascara so your lashes are fine, long and dark!
3. Get a small blob (SMALL) of vaseline and shape your eyebrows. I dont recomend plucking because it hurts and its mainly for monobrows. It only makes your brows grow faster and thicker.
4. Apply lip gloss.


Many people become chavs (a chav is someone who wears or acts like other people because they are not themself.)
because they dont like who they really are. I decided to write this post just to reassure every 12 year old that you should be your own person. Im sorry gals but everyone else is taken!!! 😊


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Sometimes at school or at home you have some spare time to read. Here are some books I like to read-

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
The Twilight Saga – Stephanie Mayer
Hetty Feather – Jacqueline Wilson
Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Jeff Kinney

More to come!